Weekend warrior only works for rich people, says ACS

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The American Cancer Society found a correlation between income and the amount people worked out. Those with lower incomes were less likely to meet their exercise needs.
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The study, led by experts at the University of Rochester in New York State, suggests that human emissions of methane may be as much as 25 per cent higher than previous estimates.
Silicon Valley startup Pyka is developing an autonomous plane to make agricultural chemical application safer, faster and more precise. It can cruise over terrain at over 70 miles per hour.
Apple will unveil the eagerly anticipated iPhone 8 on 12th September, it has been claimed. The event is also expected to unveil the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, and a new version of the Apple Watch.
Researchers from Harvard University created the cyborg bacteria in the hope of finding an alternative to chlorophyll – the green pigment in plants that harvests sunlight.
New study shows invasive rhododendrons damage woodland environment but are not poisoning the soil
Chanting sutras in a computerized voice while tapping a drum, the robot was on display on Wednesday at a funeral industry fair - the Life Ending Industry Expo - in Tokyo.
French firm criticised after saying its spyware could help parents establish a son's sexuality.
Chanting sutras in a computerized voice while tapping a drum, the robot was on display on Wednesday at a funeral industry fair - the Life Ending Industry Expo - in Tokyo.
Scientists from the Universidad Católica del Norte in Chile used the Very Large Telescope to map Antares's surface and to measure the motions of the surface material.
Samsung is trying to move past last year's disastrous Galaxy Note 7 launch with a successor sporting a dual-lens camera, animated messages, expanded note-taking - and lower battery capacity.
The UK contributes to a sophisticated new radar to map the Sun's impacts on Earth's high atmosphere.
A single tweet sent by astronomer J Craig Wheeler of the University of Texas at Austin has sparked rumours of a potentially enormous scientific discovery.
Researchers at Stanford University made the discovery after carrying out a survey of 32 high technology firms – 97 per cent of which were on the Fortune 1000 list (stock image).
The suit will be worn by NASA astronauts for the commercial crew program when SpaceX starts launching people to and from the International Space Station.
Experts estimate North Korea could develop missiles capable of hitting the US from Pyong Yang as early as next year, and some suggest the North already has them.
London trials begin for nine of the fully electric vans.
Researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Virginia evaluated different crash avoidance featues by looking at data from police-reported crashes.
Facebook appears to have crashed in the UK, leaving thousands of users unable to access their social media accounts. The reason for the crash remains unknown.
The phone also comes with 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage as well as a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera. It is available in the UK and Dubai.
Pens containing over three million pounds of salmon at Cooke Aquaculture fish farm near Cypress Island, Washington state, were damaged by high tides and strong currents.
Despite years of opposition and distrust in voting machines, a small Dutch initiative is aiming for a new form of e-voting
Google Express allows customers to shop at Walmart on the app, the Express website, or by voice. The voice service will be available across the US in September.
Royal Mail has joined forces with Arrival, an automotive technology firm based in Oxfordshire, to create the electric vehicles.
Thousands of videos taken down for showing violence will be "reinstated".
The move follows an outcry over the request to DreamHost, which some argued damaged people's privacy.
Step aside Amazon Alexa - soon you will be able to order Walmart products using Google Assistant.
A shuttle service between Apple's Cupertino and Palo Alto, California, headquarters will be used to test self-driving technology, after it ditched plans for a fleet of self-built autonomous cars.
Harvard scientists modelled the reasons behind hooves using 3D models of fossils from 12 kinds of extinct horse, measuring the pressure on their legs at various speeds. .
The National Grid is warning us that if you are charging your electric car at home with a high-speed charger you won’t be able to boil an electric kettle at the same time.
Younger Britons are drinking far less than previous generations but alcohol is still a key part in the lives of their parents, they say.
Thousands of parents are having problems using the Childcare Services website.
GCSE grades need to rise in England to catch up with high-achieving education systems, researchers say.
Barnardo's says linking visits to male prisoners' good behaviour is cruel to the children.
The Anthouse Pet Companion Robot can play fetch, feed and play your voice to your dog.The bot can be set to automatic mode or be controlled via a companion app to interact with a pet in real-time.

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