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#LifeEsidimeni families on warpath over Qedani Mahlangu's absence

Where is Qedani Mahlangu? This is the big question that family members attending the hearing into the deaths of former Life Esidimeni psychiatric patients have been asking.
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#MeToo: Teach men to be positive role models

Local organisations working with sex victims encourage women to speak out on sexual abuse.
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Eight charged over French far-right terror plot

A French court has charged eight people, including three minors, following an investigation into far-right activists believed to have been plotting to attack politicians, members of racial minorities
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Iraqi central govt controls all oil wells

Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Luiebi also says oil production of Basra and southern fields have increased
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Greece moves hundreds of migrants from Samos camp

About 200 refugees moved to camps in capital Athens due to poor conditions
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Huawei is working on a foldable phone for 2018

Huawei boss Richard Yu says his company has a working prototype but there are still improvements to make.
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