UK fintech finds EU barriers emerging after Brexit vote

LONDON (Reuters) - Fallout from the vote to leave the European Union is already threatening the growth of financial technology firms in Britain, industry officials said on Wednesday.
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USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham talks to a Los Angeles astro photographer to get some advice on photographing the August 21 solar eclipse.             
Apple customers should update their devices immediately, as the company sent out a fix for a security flaw.             
This week, Paul talks to Charles Barone, the director of policy at Democrats for Education Reform, about the House Appropriation Committee's decision to drop several of Donald Trump's proposals to bro
MILAN (Reuters) - Telecom Italia has put a plan to roll out ultrafast broadband in rural areas of Italy on hold, two sources familiar with the matter said, suspending a project that triggered a row wi
Microsoft Paint, the beloved Windows graphic editing program, has been marked for death. Thirty-two years after including a Paint program in its inaugural Windows 1.0, Microsoft Corp. put Paint o
"An Inconvenient Truth 2" comes a decade after the first installation that shed light on the dangers of global warming. This sequel is here to explain just how close we are to a real problem  
Hybrid Cloud - what’s new  20/06 - NEWS: UK lags behind North America in cloud adoption - A tenth of all UK businesses have moved entirely to the cloud, according to a new Breaking Barriers 2020 re
A product design student in the U.K. has come up with a 3D-printed thumb, worn next to the pinkie finger and controlled by sensors in the shoe, to ex
Stock up on accessories, like solar glasses, and have a game plan.             
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jana Partners has made an investment in Pandora Media Inc., according to a person familiar with the matter, seeing the stock as under-valued with an opportunity to grow its advert
Parasitic plants absorb the water and nutrients from neighboring vegetation. Video provided by Newsy             
Fresh fossil analysis suggests the earliest warm-blooded species emerged during the Late Permian period, between 252 and 259 million years ago.
Save on premium options, get lyrics to a song, and find songs to match your running pace.             
BIRMINGHAM/ LONDON (Reuters) - Britain launched a 246 million-pound ($320 million) fund on Monday to boost the development and manufacturing of electric batteries, a major growth area for the car and
Sweden's prime minister says a security leak in the transport agency two years ago was "a disaster," but it's unclear what damage it may have caused
Three Square Market is implanting workers with microchips so they can buy items from vending machines, open doors and log onto computers.             
Security teams reveal that the majority of workers would rather just get their work done than worry about security.
A Berkeley radio station canceled an event promoting Mr. Dawkins’s new book, citing past comments and tweets that it said had “hurt people.”
All of the hardware you need to take your gaming to the next level.             
Microsoft plans to "deprecate" the software with the next Windows 10 update.             
Welcome to the future?             
Google alone spent nearly $6 million to influence elected officials and other corporations.
Column: This genomics breakthrough can put science on a fast-track to erasing mutations that cause diseases. It can also be harnessed for harm.             
Stock up on accessories             
Cops now investigating malware targeting individual Mac owners.
However 40 per cent of organisations around the globe still haven’t updated to Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, released two years ago today.
Take a look at how businesses are using bots in new and exciting ways right now. And let them inspire you to set up a bot of your own.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Germany is urging the European Union to add up to four more Russian nationals and companies to the bloc's sanctions blacklist over Siemens gas turbines delivered to Moscow-annexed
Capital equipment manufacturers must transform their entire industry to a ‘Product-as-a-Service’ model to keep up with consumers.
A Wisconsin tech company is offering its employees microchip implants that can be used to scan into the building and purchase food at work.             
MILAN (Reuters) - Departing Telecom Italia (TIM) Chief Executive Flavio Cattaneo has defended what is likely to be a multi-million euro severance package, saying he delivered on many of his goals ahea
LONDON (Reuters) - "I've only got one pair of hands", is the refrain of overworked office staff or stressed parents everywhere.
LONDON (Reuters) - Music streaming company Spotify is close to agreeing a new licensing pact with Warner Music Inc, the last big music royalty deal it needs before pushing ahead with a U.S. stock mark

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