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Trump breaks silence on Roy Moore allegations

U.S. President Donald Trump is discounting accusations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, telling voters not to support
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Lebanese PM Saad Hariri returns to Beirut

Saad Hariri thrust Lebanon into crisis when he resigned during a trip to Saudi Arabia on 4 November.
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Feds Say This Iranian Hacker Tried To Extort HBO For $6M -- Here's What We Know About Him

Here's everything we know about the alleged HBO hacker...
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Russian, Saudi, Israeli, Egyptian leaders discuss security issues in phone talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed interest during phone talks on Tuesday in building up cooperation in various areas, including between the respe
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Lebanon’s PM returns to Beirut after abrupt resignation while in Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has finally returned to Beirut as tensions mount in the region over his sudden resignation earlier this month. Read Full Article at
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Emergency room visits triple for self-harming tweens & early teen girls - CDC

Attempted suicides and other types of self-harm have increased dramatically among girls in America since 2001, according to a 15-year study of emergency room visits. The increase was pa
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