Superconductivity In A Nonsuperconducting Material Achieved By Scientists In New Experiment

Superconductors — materials that can conduct electricity with zero resistance and thereby zero loss of energy — have a wide range of uses, the most well-known being their application in Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines. However, the potential of superconducting materials is limited by the fact that they need to be cooled down to nearly -270 degrees Celsius in order to function — something that requires a lot of energy and is therefore extremely expensive.
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The US topped the request list, submitting 33 per cent of total government information requests
Is Roku readying its own Alexa competitor?
Get Sky TV with Sky Box Sets for just £25 a month
The summit was presided by French President Emmanuel Macron.
These deals are only available for Amazon Prime members and shall be open for general customers from September 21.
These deals are only available for Amazon Prime members and shall be open for general customers from September 21.
Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel criticized the latest Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act on his show Tuesday. Kimmel said the Graham-Cassidy bill  — named for its two main sponsors
LG has officially launched the Q6+ in India to cater the extensive offline market of the country. Starting today, the LG Q6+ will go on sale through the brick and mortar stores across India.
HTC is issuing a trading halt ready for a major announcement... and it may be Google buying the firm.
While “Fear the Walking Dead” executive producer Dave Erickson has been tight-lipped on when exactly Daniel and Ofelia will be reunited, he has recently assured fans that the father-daughter reun
Clayne Crawford originally thought that making a TV series based on the classic film “Lethal Weapon” was not a good idea.
Shadow of War’s upgraded Nemesis mode makes the game much more personal, and much much more unskippable.
Batten down the hatches – again – as another bug could wreak widespread havoc.
Launches 'Never Mind' offer for broken screens
A World War I German U-boat was found off the coast of Belgium. Researchers indicate that the submarine, which sank over a hundred years ago, was part of a campaign to attack allied ships. These sub
Even as human activity creates increasing amounts of pollution and adds more particulate matter to the atmosphere, there is one place where breathing is a lot more difficult than the most polluted ci
An Arizona man nearly lost his life after being bitten by a rattlesnake which he had caught and was planning to grill on a barbeque during the birthday celebration of his son, reports said. Victor P
Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant has already transitioned from just being on the Echo speakers to being an AI assistant on smartphones. Now, a new report claims that Amazon is planning to put Alexa o
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL weren’t the only upcoming Google products that were recently leaked. The cheaper Google Home Mini, Chromebook Pixel 3 and Daydream View 2 VR headset were all revealed in
Google will be announcing the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL on Oct. 4, but a major leak has already provided everyone with information on its pricing and color options. The Pixel  2 will be available i
The enormity of the magnitude-7.1 earthquake that hit Mexico on Tuesday was captured in vivid details by an astounding video that was posted on Facebook by a tourist on a boat tour near Mexico City
The final issue price is fixed at Rs 985, the higher end of price band.
According to Rare design director Mike Chapman, the MMO could have been very different.

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