Should children ban their parents from social media?

Parents are recording their children's lives through social media. But what will their children say about all those pictures when they get older.
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology research found that men have less of a need to distance themselves from their partner than women do in the context of emotional cheating.
Why one of the Earth's most remote places is the preferred place to dump space junk.
In one photograph taken near Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, a diver grimaces as he prepares to enter the water almost completely covered by waste.
Researchers from Cornell University have discovered the patterns in a text message that indicate a person isn’t telling the truth. The study analyzed hundreds of conversations.
Researchers based at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences found that the fear of spiders and snakes could have been embedded in the brain for an evolutionarily long time.
Apple has faced production issues with the handset, leading one leading analyst to claims the firm may only have two million handsets available for sale when it goes on sale on November 3rd.
Two biologists at Harvard University created a Star Wars-themed parody animation that somewhat surprisingly led to the discovery of how energy in a sperm cell spurs it toward an egg.
In one photograph taken near Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, a diver grimaces as he prepares to enter the water almost completely covered by waste.
Researchers from Portland State University found that Oregon shore crabs exposed to Prozac, an anti-depression drug, exhibit behaviors that make it easier for predators to catch them.
Popular series Gilmore Girls topped the list of the most regularly binge-watched shows, while Fuller House came in second.
Tokyo-based Emonster kk sued Apple in federal court in San Francisco, saying it holds the U.S. trademark on the term animoji and that Apple's use of the word is a 'textbook case' of deliberate infri
Norwegian University of Science and Technology research found that men have less of a need to distance themselves from their partner than women do in the context of emotional cheating.
On Twitter, Maryland governor Larry Hogan revealed his support for the construction of a line that would connect Baltimore to D.C, and said he thinks the Hyperloop is ‘coming to Maryland.’
However, the latest reports say that the firm should have '2-3 million' handsets at launch, and that the production bottlenecks will be cleared by November.
A delayed brain response to processing words may flag up individuals vulnerable to the neurological disease before symptoms even begin, University of Birmingham experts claim.
A new report from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has found that e-cigarettes can do just as much harm as tobacco products. They increase one's chances of having lung diseases.
Scientists from the University of Manitoba have discovered an eight-legged ‘monster’ lurking in the dark waters beneath the Arctic sea ice. It has just one eye, no mouth, and hairy antennae.
Brian Thompson had planned to argue the law in connection with the boxes was a "grey area".
Researchers from Lund University in Sweden indicate that the birds use play because it's simply good fun, and that honing skills is a secondary effect.
Researchers at Tufts University and University College London propose commercial production of marine microalgae as a staple human food and feed for animals and farmed fish.
NASA's prototype X-56 plane is 7.5 feet long and has a 28-foot wingspan - with wings design to flex in the air as it flies to cut down on fuel consumption.
While other planets, such as Venus and Earth, are known to have so-called magnetotails, the feature observed at Mars is twisted far more dramatically than expected, NASA says.
What's it like to live somewhere like Beijing, where you can even see pollution with the naked eye?
Global fans of the Mac Mini may have cause for celebration after an Apple enthusiast known as Krar received an email from the firm's CEO confirming the device will be coming back.
Researchers from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest used EEG monitors to analyse dogs' brain activity while they slept to understand how they consolidate memories.
Nasa completed the test, which lasted 500 seconds, at the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi at 14:55 CST (20:55 BST) yesterday.
The main job for commander Randy Bresnik and astronaut Joe Acaba was to replace a blurry camera on the ISS's new robotic hand that was installed in a spacewalk two weeks ago.
The peculiar video gives a sweeping look of the new Texan wind farm located in Scurry County which is currently Amazon's largest renewable energy project.
On September 10 1886, amateur astronomer Juan Valderrama y Aguilar wrote about what he saw from Madrid, and even drew a picture to illustrate the ‘huge, beautiful’ phenomenon.
Firms such as Facebook and Twitter have agreed to do more to remove extremist content within hours of it being posted.
Avexis has been designed by engineers from the University of Manchester, who were awarded £1.6 million ($2.1 million) in funding from Nasa in March.
The coin-mining software can grab processor power and drain phone batteries quickly, warn security firms
University of Minnesota researchers claim that mushrooms for breakfast, perhaps on toast or in an omelette, stave off hunger pangs and leads to a greater feeling of fullness.
Users can visit four key sites that have been explored on Mars - the Curiosity's landing site, Murray Buttes, Marias Pass and Pahrump Hills.

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