Schools engines of social cohesion, says Ofsted boss

Schools in England are the glue that holds communities together, says Ofsted's Sir Michael Wilshaw.
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The 'BMW Motorrad Concept Link' has a touchscreen dashboard, and can be connected to the rider's online calender so it always knows where they want to go.
The researchers at the University of Michigan say their find would allow manufacturers to bypass the billions of miles they would need to log for consumers to consider them road-ready.
In a recent interview with Bloomberg , Wozniak explained that self-driving cars are ‘probably the biggest, most obvious moonshot,’ at the moment. And, he says Tesla is leading the way.
According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, smartphone thumb causes joints in the hand to get loose, and the abnormal thumb bone movement could be causing pain and eventual arthritis.
HIV is notorious for lying dormant in immune cells in a way that even the most developed and expensive methods could not spot.
The 94-foot-long, 21,000lb model, which hangs in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life in the Manhattan museum, will be carefully vacummed and dusted on Wednesday as onlookers watch.
Five hundred years after Luther published the 95 Theses in the town of Wittenberg, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, an evangelical church unveiled an automatic blessing robot.
The planet was spotted by researchers at the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics (IAC) using the 3.6-meter Galileo National Telescope at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.
The AI-based filter software, designed by researchers at the Czech Technical University in Prague, can analyze a photograph and transfer its style to a face in a video in real-time.
Creator Mike Bodge built the virtual fidget spinner after finding them sold out across LA when he tried to buy one. He gave it the online version an added twist - the background changes color as it
Smoking giant Philip Morris markets its IQOS device, which tobacco sticks can be placed into, as containing 90 per cent less toxins. But a new Swiss study suggests the opposite.
The study, led by Sussex University, also found towns and cities will bear the brunt of global warming, because they are much hotter than the surrounding countryside or sea.
The finding, led by researchers at Columbia University in New York, could put a stop to clinical trials of the controversial technology scheduled in the US next year.
Researchers in a New York cabbage patch are planning the first release on American soil of insects genetically engineered to die before they can reproduce.
Experts on a committee set up by the Australian government to improve the health of the reef say scientists should instead focus on maintaining its 'ecological function' rather than saving it.
Chief executive Alex Cruz says flight disruption at Heathrow and Gatwick had nothing to do with cost cutting.
Located on a 3,000 meter-high mountain in the middle of the Atacama desert, the European Extremely Large Telescope is due to begin operating in 2024.
Researchers say the WannaCry ransom note was poorly translated - possibly using Google Translate.
The formerly litter-stacked Versova beach in Mumbai, India, is unrecognisable from its former self. The UN has called it one of the world’s largest beach clean-ups in history
The archive, taken by Aerofilms, include images of landmarks including Brighton West Pier, Blackpool Pier and ships HMS Britannia and the RMS Queen Mary.
A US couple, their exact location is unknown, were shocked to see that the reptile's dinner was still wriggling as it was squeezed from its attacker's jaws.
Melbourne-based researchers, DT, who built the device said that as AI designed to mimic the human voice improves, we could be left in a 'sea of disinformation powered by AI'.
The stunned workers in the Brazilian maternity hospital were trying to bath the tiny girl with the very large will for the very first time. But the baby had different ideas and wrestled to walk inst
The actor and comedian, 59, criticised ‘technophobes’ who have been too slow to adapt during a speech at the Hay literary festival in Brecknockshire, Wales.
Research from the University of California claim that liberals are more likely to ignore negative statements from politicians while conservatives are more likely to believe them.
Paul Hardcastle was erecting a fence post in his garden in Acomb, York, when he came across a jewel - thought to have been buried with a high-status Anglo-Saxon woman.
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute hope their discovery may also shed light on the causes of birth defects that affect babies' head development in the womb.
Professor Theresa Marteau, based at Cambridge University, discovered the average size of glasses have increased by nearly 600 per cent in three centuries.
The actor and comedian, 59, criticised ‘technophobes’ who have been too slow to adapt during a speech at the Hay literary festival in Brecknockshire, Wales.
AlphaGo defeated 19-year-old world number one Ke Jie (pictured) in the Chinese city of Wuzhen. DeepMind Technologies, a London-based AI firm, is behind the system.
Some short-haul flights from Heathrow continue to be disrupted by a worldwide computer failure.
Some short-haul flights from Heathrow continue to be disrupted by a worldwide computer crash.
Water voles have been reintroduced by the National Trust, who put more than 100 in streams around Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales last August.
An academic questions methods used to calculate working class pupil numbers at grammar schools.

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