Residents of Bosnian town protest allegedly rigged election

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Hundreds of Bosnians protested Wednesday in Sarajevo, demanding a rerun of the municipal election in the southern town of Stolac that was halted by claims of irregularities and violent disruptions. Members within Bosnia’s Central Elections Commission disagree over whether to sanction those who allegedly manipulated the voting process on Oct. 2 […]
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Terrorists were perpetrators of martyred two military personnels
Canadian policy on foreign fighters runs contrary to other countries
New voter law prohibited political publicity, lowered campaign spending, created new scenario for Sunday's vote.
A Russian cybersecurity firm whose products current and former U.S. officials suspect Moscow has used as a tool for spying was flagged by U.S. military intelligence as a potential security threat as e
Pavlo Sharoyko, a special correspondent for the National Ukrainian Radio in Minsk, was reportedly detained on Oct. 25 by the State Security Agency of Belarus. But the news didn’t become public until
Housing estates and gated communities cannot make their own traffic laws and put restrictions on when domestic workers could use the roads.
The Universal Periodic Review Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council has adopted a draft report on Ukraine as part of the third cycle at its 28th session with 190 recommendations on human rights
The European Union is reportedly threatening to hold back Britain's final €5.6bn rebate payment from Brussels as part of negotiations over the so-called Brexit "divorce" bill.
The mother of missing teenager Gaia Pope has said she is "holding on to hope" after clothing belonging to her daughter was found on open land outside Swanage.
Thousands of Zimbabweans are expected to ascend on the country's capital, Harare, on Saturday morning calling for leadership.
A mother in the UK has been left devastated after thieves broke into her home and stole money raised for a charity which supports her 10-month-old daughter.
A source close to Hariri confirmed he had landed after flying in overnight from Riyadh, while Lebanese TV station LBCI showed live images of the premier and his wife arriving at their Paris residence
Port Shepstone yachtsman: 'We’ve got nothing, we lost everything, everything is gone, but tell dad I’m safe. I’m fine mom, I’m safe’
Sexual assault in the military, which is defined as anything from groping to rape, is believed to be significantly higher than the number of reports. 
The family of India’s Consul General in Durban has been left traumatised after eight robbers armed with guns and crowbars invaded their home
A reporter who covered the horrific King's Cross fire in the UK has recalled the "shocking" and "appalling" story recounted by a heroic police officer who risked his life to save others from the infer
Rival U.S. and Russian resolutions to extend the mandate of experts probing chemical attacks in Syria were defeated Thursday at a heated Security Council meeting that reflected the deteriorating relat
Saad Hariri has left Saudi Arabia for France, two weeks after declaring his resignation from the kingdom and sparking speculation that he was forced to do so.
WASHINGTON — A senior Russian official who claimed to be acting at the behest of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia tried in May 2016 to arrange a meeting between Mr. Putin and Donald J. Trump, a
A lawyer for White House adviser Jared Kushner has pushed back after a Senate committee said he had not been fully forthcoming in its probe into Russian election interference.
Zimbabweans support ousted vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa -whose sacking sparked the army intervention days earlier.
Zimbabwe was set for more political turmoil Saturday with protests planned as veterans of the independence war, activists and ruling party leaders called publicly for President Robert Mugabe to be for
HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Opponents of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe are preparing to demonstrate for the ouster of the 93-year-old leader who is virtually powerless and deserted by most of his
He resigned as prime minister in July after the country's Supreme Court disqualified him over undeclared income
Saad Hariri will meet President Macron, after denying claims he was being held in Saudi Arabia.
Saad Hariri will meet President Macron, after denying claims he was being held in Saudi Arabia.
PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - A Cambodian court on Saturday charged two journalists with espionage for filing news reports to a U.S.-funded radio station, which can carry a prison term of up to 15 years.
The Department of State commemorated the 84th anniversary of Ukrainian Holodomor, according to the statement of Heather Nauert, the Department Spokesperson. Read more here The post US Depa
The rule book, covering aspects such as how to report and monitor each nation's greenhouse gas emissions, is due to be ready by December next year
LEWISTON, Mont. (AP) — In 1961, George Machler hopped on a bulldozer and began moving earth on his land on the edge of Lewistown, a central Montana community. When he was done, 8/10ths of a mile of
PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — Daylight broke one early November morning over the snow-dusted Blue Mountains near Ukiah, where the distant echo of rifle blasts signaled the start of elk season across easte
MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — Jason Coburn was sleeping under a train when it started moving, dragging him down the tracks and injuring his ribs. He later fell from an interstate bridge into a canal, breaki

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