Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives

Spinach is no longer just a superfood: By embedding leaves with carbon nanotubes, engineers have transformed spinach plants into sensors that can detect explosives and wirelessly relay that information to a handheld device similar to a smartphone.
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Redaction, masking and tokenization are some of the new features on offer.
Environmental pollutants are killing at least 9 million people and costing the world $4.6 trillion a year, a toll exceeding that of war, smoking, hunger or natural disasters
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Grab, the main Southeast Asian rival of Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL], said on Friday it had secured debt facilities of up to $700 million to help it create the largest car ren
Rick Hess chats with Sara Ziemnik about teaching history and how to nurture open and respectful debate in an era of polarization and general nastiness.
Adults said to develop symptoms of A.D.H.D. may instead have substance abuse or mood problems, researchers concluded.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Nearly two dozen major U.S. companies in technology and other industries are planning to launch a coalition to demand legislation that would allow young, illegal immigrants a
In Commentary, Sohrab Ahmari makes the case that Teach for America, once a leading light of the education reform movement, has now transformed itself into an arm of the progressive movement.
When it comes to handling a dead body, the two options have long been burial (whether at land or at sea) or cremation. But starting in 2020, Californians will have a third option: water cremation. The
LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (Reuters) - Big cash infusions for startups from an ever-expanding group of financiers, led by SoftBank Group Corp and Middle East sovereign wealth funds, have extinguished hopes
Amazon says there are more than 5,000 "authors, sellers and developers" in Vermont selling on its website.             
(Reuters) - Sharp growth in mobile payments led PayPal Holdings Inc to report a better-than-expected third-quarter profit on Thursday and lift its guidance for earnings through the rest of the year.
The National Hispanic Media Coalition is threatening to rally Latino leaders against Verizon after it removed Univision from the Verizon Fios system.             
With Google Earth, archaeologists have uncovered strange stone structures that may have been built by nomadic tribes in ancient lava fields.
Mars has an invisible magnetic 'tail' that is twisted by interaction with the solar wind, according to new research using data from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.
New NASA research is helping to refine our understanding of candidate planets beyond our solar system that might support life.
A hands-on review of the new Sonos One, a home speaker with built-in voice capability to use Alexa, the AI-powered digital assistant from Amazon.             
Archaeologists in Maine are working to unearth artifacts buried for centuries in shell middens. But sea levels are rising, eroding the ancient sites.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders said on Thursday they looked forward to seeing proposals on taxing online giants by early 2018 but in a nod to concerns from countries like Ireland said EU
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Since two massive earthquakes hit Mexico in September, claiming more than 460 lives, an early warning start-up called SkyAlert has doubled its users to 5.8 million, making it o
After the success of the Dancing Hot Dog, Snapchat is selling a version of it as a Halloween costume. Buzz60's Josh King (@abridgetoland) has more.            
That puppy dog face your pet makes often is a reaction to your own expression, a new study finds.
Stitch Fix Inc., an online clothing styling service, has filed to go public. The company is one of several that ships shoppers clothing to try on at home before they buy. With Stitch Fix, customer
Americans should be concerned about how health and wellness apps collect, save and share their personal health data, a medical media expert says.
Environmental disturbances such as El Niño shake up the marine food web off Southern California, new research shows, countering conventional thinking that the hierarchy of who-eats-who in the ocean r
The ride-hailing company is exploring a 2018 initial public offering, as it added fresh capital to its coffers from investors including a venture arm spun out of Google.
(Reuters) - Payment processor PayPal Holdings Inc reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday, helped by mobile payments volume that more than doubled.
New analysis of jealousy among primates has offered scientists fresh insights into the neurobiology behind the powerful emotion.
An estimated 3 million adult American handgun owners carry a firearm loaded and on their person on a daily basis, and 9 million do so on a monthly basis, new research indicates. The vast majority cite
A biologist examines the benefits and drawbacks of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science.
Flu viruses contain defective genetic material that may activate the immune system in infected patients, and new research published in PLOS Pathogens suggests that lower levels of these molecules coul
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers, alarmed that foreign entities used the internet to influence last year's election, introduced legislation on Thursday to extend rules governing political adverti
Payment processing giant Visa is launching a platform to allow banks to integrate various types of biometrics _ your fingerprint, face, voice, etc. _ into approving credit card applications and paymen
President Trump intends to nominate Joseph Simons, a longtime expert in competition law, to head the Federal Trade Commission, America's top privacy and consumer protection agency, the White House
(Reuters) - Payment processor PayPal Holdings Inc reported a 17.6 percent rise in quarterly profit, helped by higher ecommerce spending.

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