It's time to rethink the technical skills gap

Businesses need problem-solving skills, but how do we get there?
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Twin baby girls Paisleigh and Paislyn Martinez were born conjoined at the chest, with their hearts fused together. Doctors from University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital used groundbreaking
Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., can easily afford the $2.7-billion write-down it's taking to cover a big antitrust fine in Europe. But the company might find it harder to shrug off the res
Google's parent company Alphabet can easily afford the $2.7 billion write-down it's taking to cover a big antitrust fine in Europe, but that might only be the start of its problems
(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc surpassed expectations for quarterly revenue and earnings on Monday, reporting higher advertising sales across its platforms and trying to move past a record $2.7 billion Euro
Fact-checking site is asking readers to save the advertising-funded sleuthing service, which is in dire financial straits. The company is seeking donations through a GoFundMe campaign,
Christopher Nolan's newest movie was meant to be seen in 70mm             
In a recent study, the smell of a predator was enough to curb eating and reproduction among groups of fruit flies, increasing the likelihood of extinction.
An exhibition at Sotheby’s in New York betrays a broad generational anxiety about the technological future and the role of humans in it.
Google parent Alphabet Inc. books $2.7 billion fine on its quarterly earnings as European antitrust showdown looms
Net income fell to $3.52 billion from $4.88 billion in the year ago quarter.             
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Commodity Futures Commission said on Monday it has granted New York-based LedgerX, a bitcoin options exchange, the first license to clear and settle derivative contracts
A new era in international particle physics research officially began July 21 with a unique groundbreaking held a mile underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota. Dignita
New research is challenging the age-old adage that money can't buy happiness. The study suggests that using money to buy free time -- such as paying to delegate household chores like cleaning and cook
This air mattress is only $35, the lowest price it's ever been, as Amazon's Deal of the Day for Monday, July 24.             
(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc reported a 27.7 percent drop in quarterly profit as the company recorded a previously announced charge related to a record $2.7 billion fine imposed on its Google unit by the
One of first applications for Windows will no longer be actively developed, the company said, pushing the program closer to being discontinued.
Language patterns could be predicted by simple laws of physics, a new study has found. A theory using ideas from physics predicts where and how dialects occur.
Don't ruin your clothes!             
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Commodity Futures Commission said on Monday it has granted New York-based LedgerX, a bitcoin options exchange, the first ever license to clear and settle derivative contr
Microsoft Paint is dead, but it won't be forgotten.
New analysis of ancient volcanic grains on the moon suggests the lunar mantle is surprisingly rich in water.
The disease-carrying blood suckers are spreading more pathogens and putting more Americans at risk, even for more rare illnesses.
Some in the tech industry say investors accused of harassing female founders were subjects of a witch hunt and were judged too swiftly and harshly.             
The Amazon Echo is back on sale for one day only, giving you a chance to save $50 on our favorite home assistant.             
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union authorities have increased pressure on Facebook, Google and Twitter to amend their user terms to bring them in line with EU law after proposals submitted by the tec
A Wisconsin technology firm has begun offering employees microchip implants to scan into the company building and purchase food at work.             
We tested five different hacks for keeping an open avocado looking fresh.             
His ascension reflects confidence in his stewardship of Google.             
Washington State University researchers have developed a way to grow algae more efficiently -- in days instead of weeks -- and make the algae more viable for several industries, including biofuels.
In an effort to understand how and where language dialects form through history, one scientist has looked to inspiration from an unlikely source -- bubbles.
The Fitbit counts our steps, the Oura ring tracks our sleep, now a smart condom will monitor our sexual performance.             
Environmental officials say fishing crew in New Jersey reels in a 926-pound Mako shark _ easily the biggest shark catch in the state's history
Earlier this year Arctic sea ice sank to a record low wintertime extent for the third straight year. Now NASA is flying a set of instruments north of Greenland to observe the impact of the melt season
(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc said it appointed chief executive of its Google unit, Sundar Pichai, to its board.

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