Humans were living in Australia 50,000 years ago

Archaeologists working in a remote cave on Barrow Island have uncovered the earliest evidence of Aboriginal occupation. Pictured are remains of shellfish consumed at the site 42,500 years ago.
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Self-taught rocket scientist 'Mad' Mike Hughes plans to plans to hurtle over the ghost town of Amboy in the Mojave Desert as the first part of his flat-Earth space programme.
Drinking red wine makes people feel relaxed and amorous while vodka or whisky boosts energy and aggression, a study by Bangor University and King's College London academics suggest.
Labour's Angela Rayner has become a grandmother at the age of 37, she announces on Twitter.
Seventeen of the earthquakes near Monterey County on the San Andreas fault were stronger than 2.5 magnitude, according to seismologists from the US Geological Survey.
The £5m research institute will help us learn how to keep hackers out of our homes.
It is hoped that the pouches will help ensure pupils are not tempted to answer calls when driving.
Boys and girls are driven by biology to play with toys that are traditionally aimed at their own gender, according to a new study.
A Severn Trent water company technician was spotted using dowsing rods as a means to locate underground water. It has emerged many companies' engineers also use the method.
A Supreme Court Justice launches the first of a series of scientific guides for UK judges.
More than 70,000 seeds have been sent from Kew's Millennium Seed Bank to Lebanon, for vital crop research.
There have been more than 200 school shootings in the United States over the last four years.
University of Nottingham and University of Tohoku researchers have found that 'left-coiling' and 'right coiling' snails can twist their genitals to allow them to mate face-to-face.
The amount of plastic pollution, such as 7000 toy ducks, that has been discovered in the pristine waters of the Arctic has risen 20 fold in just ten years, researchers have found.
Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers and the ride-hailing company allegedly paid them $100,000 to delete the information and go away'.
In the new study, led by the University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, researchers found the lunar surface may have experienced a ‘crustal overturn,’ where old material was re
A study by University of Maryland researchers found that ketamine, an anesthesia drug also commonly used as a party drug, has anti-depressant properties in mice, but only when administered by men.
Researchers from the University of Southern California have identified numerous genes involved in the development of both feathers and scales (stock image).
About 60 primary school children gathered in Desborough to show their support for the town's library.
Toyota's third-generation humanoid, dubbed T-HR3, uses a remote control ‘Master Maneuvering System’, with an array of sensors to communicate physical movements to the robot.
Simon Langton Grammar School said the optional course is "the antidote to political correctness".
University of Pennsylvania researchers identified malaria parasites in wild bonobos the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It could help inform research into how the parasite is transmitted.
A researcher illegally injected people eight Americans in Illinois with a live herpes virus in an unregulated experiment for a vaccine that is now backed by billionaire Peter Thiel.
Researchers have found that Android smartphones globally collect the addresses of nearby mobile transmitter towers, which could be use to narrow your location to within 0.5 miles (0.8 km).
While it might appear alarming, the phenomenon is no cause for worry; NASA says this particular coronal hole was likely to blame for breathtaking auroras seen earlier this month.
As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has pushed back net neutrality legislation.
The 'lone genius' scientist stereotype could be dangerous, as the opinion of a lone commenter may be considered equal with that of hundreds of people who have made the subject their life's work
The new discoveries were located at a campsite in the small village of Repton, Derbyshire, which has been known about since the 1970s.
JUUL started off as a way of providing smokers with an alternative to combustible tobacco products. JUUL has now become the number one vapour product in the US, according to Nielsen.
With the government’s stance on rolling out the IR35 reforms to the private sector appearing to soften, IPSE and others air concerns over the threat this move could pose to the post-Brexit economy
Giovanni Sala and Professor Fernand Gobet from the University of Liverpool say the general public should be aware of the limits of training the brain (stock image).
The man is accused of leaking unaired episode and demanding a $6m ransom from HBO.
Father-of-five Steve Palmer, who works at JPS Electrical Services in Bristol, posted a video on Facebook showing how easily his sons can remove covers.
Researchers from the University of Nevada looked at whether people's perceptions of a man change depending on whether or not his wife adopts his surname or keeps her own (stock)
Researchers at the University of Freiburg, Germany, claim climate change was a key driver for many of the 5 million Germans that moved to North America during the 1800's.

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Biology means children prefer toys aimed at their gender 

Boys and girls are driven by biology to play with toys that are traditionally aimed at their own gender, according to a new study.
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Self-taught rocket scientist 'Mad' Mike Hughes plans to plans to hurtle over the ghost town of Amboy in the Mojave Desert as the first part of his flat-Earth space programme.
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