'Feels like blackmail': Canada needs to take a hard look at its piracy notice system

by www.cbc.ca

Piracy notices demanding settlement fees have left some Canadians fearful or confused. It may time for Ottawa to take a serious look at its 'notice-and-notice' system and what message it's trying to send.

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Don't give up that old smartphone just yet. You can still get plenty of use out of it.             
LONDON (Reuters) - London deemed Uber unfit to run a taxi service on Friday and stripped it of its license to operate from the end of next week in a major blow to the U.S. firm and 3.5 million users i
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Bitcoin is not a currency but a mere instrument of speculation, the vice president of the European Central Bank said on Friday, comparing the digital currency to tulip bulbs duri
A new study sheds light on how to reduce the number of infections in patients with spinal cord injuries without using antibiotics.
Scientists have designed a new quantum computer chip that uses sound waves to store and convert quantum data.
(Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc is close to agreeing tentative terms on a deal to merge with Sprint Corp , people familiar with the matter said on Friday, a major breakthrough in efforts to merge the thi
As a founding member of the International Charter on Space and Natural Disasters, the Canadian Space Agency has been called upon to help monitor the
Symantec CTO says that training employees could be the key to stopping future attacks before they even happen.
Sleep problems are pervasive. With new apps, watches, and even mattresses, you can independently adjust the way your body behaves at night.             
USA TODAY Tech columnist Kim Komando gives us tips on how using technology can help us get better sleep at night.             
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - SolarCity has agreed to $29.5 million to settle U.S. allegations that it had violated federal law "by submitting inflated claims" to the federal government, the U.S. Justice Dep
The cheapest-ever Leica camera is cute as a button.
Bill Gates is sorry that we have to press three buttons at the same time to log onto our PCs instead of one.             
Whether or not we consciously perceive the stimuli projected onto our retina is decided in our brain. A recent study shows how some signals dissipate along the processing path to conscious perception.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company will bring more transparency into its political advertisements, responding to criticism that it has not done enough to prevent the manipulation of electio
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has criticized bitcoin and digital currencies once again. Dimon called cryptocurrencies a "novelty" and said they are "worth nothing."           &nb
LONDON (Reuters) - London stripped Uber on Friday of its license to operate from the end of next week in a huge blow to the taxi service and 3.5 million users in one of the world's wealthiest cities.
Autumnal Google Doodle features a cute mouse heading underground before winter.             
LONDON (Reuters) - Germany's Volkswagen is moving to secure long-term supplies of cobalt, a vital component of rechargeable batteries, as the group accelerates its ambitious shift to electric cars.
An estimated 275 fewer children were born in Flint, Michigan, while the city was using lead-contaminated water from the Flint River, according to new research findings.
Outdoor air pollution may increase the risk of chronic kidney disease and contribute to kidney failure, say researchers. Scientists culled national VA databases to evaluate the effects of air pollutio
Apple, Google and Amazon are helping fuel SAP's latest growth spurt. After dominating the business-to-consumer market, they're partnering with SAP to bring innovations like blockchain,
Scientists have developed a healthy respect for mantises, acrobatic hunters with 3-D vision and voracious appetites.
A system called “Beta-bow”, which allows the history of ?-cells to be traced by genetic bar-coding and multicolor imaging, has been developed by researchers.
A new syndrome caused by biallelic mutations -- those produced in both gene copies inherited from the mother and father -- in the FANCM gene predisposes the body to the appearance of tumors and causes
A new syndrome caused by biallelic mutations -- those produced in both gene copies inherited from the mother and father -- in the FANCM gene predisposes the body to the appearance of tumors and causes
Timeline: London's decision to not renew Uber's license extends a rough year for the company. Here's a look back at the key moments.
Bitcoin is still problematic. Here are 4 reasons to be extremely skeptical.
Jumping genes, transposons, are part of the genome of most organisms, aggregated into families and can damage the genome by jumping. How hosts suppress the jumping is well investigated. Why they still
No evidence has been found to support the idea that personality changes begin before the clinical onset of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia, a new and comprehensive study reports.
Researchers have demonstrated a potential new tactic for rapidly determining whether an antibiotic combats a given infection, thus hastening effective medical treatment and limiting the development of
Mathematicians have opened a new chapter in the theory of moonshine, one which begins to harness the power of the pariahs -- sporadic simple groups that previously had no known application.
(Reuters) - Online food ordering company Olo said on Friday it has tied up with retailer Amazon.com Inc's restaurant delivery service.

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