China plans to send commercial tour groups into space from 2025 

Chinese aerospace manufacturer, ChinaRocket, said it hoped to fly tourists to an altitude between 120 and 140 kilometres (75 and 87 miles) with a large space plane from 2025.
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Three domains previously operated by Hungarian-based company Kodi have been handed over to a Canadian law firm sparking fears a third party could do whatever they wanted to former users.
Researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island found that volcanic deposits that are scattered across the surface of the moon contain unusually high amounts of trapped water.
Researchers from the University of Warsaw  surveyed the Milky Way's vast central bulge looking for free floating planets that wander between the stars.
Researchers from Tunghai University in Taiwan saw the reflective webs while studying lace sheet weaver spiders in subtropical Asian forests.
The study, led by Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, found more than half of girls in the US and the UK are 'overfat', putting them at risk of diabetes and cancer.
Imagery taken by Google's Street View team is being turned into amazing artistic landscape photography, using an experimental piece of AI software called Creatism created in Zürich.
South-east England, the Midlands, East Anglia and north-east England met the threshold set for a high risk of extreme rainfall over the next decade, according to new report by the Met Office.
Rules to stop Pokemon Go players "overrunning" parks in Milwaukee are suspended.
Rules to stop Pokemon Go players "overrunning" parks in Milwaukee are suspended.
The study, by researchers from the University of Exeter, looked at the effects of drinking alcohol in a natural setting on memory (stock image).
A baby from South Africa was given a short course of treatment shortly after birth. At 9 years old is no longer displaying symptoms or signs of the virus being active without any further treatment.
The graphics program has been around for 32 years.
Israeli inventor Dov Moran talks about the success of the memory stick and the sale of his company M-Systems in 2006.
Following the early-stage success of efforts to crowd-fund a legal challenge against the IR35 reforms, one of the IT contractors behind the campaign outlines details of what could happen next
Woebot was developed by researchers from Woebot Labs in San Francisco. It runs through Facebook Messenger, and acts as a personal therapist to help address users' mental health challenges.
Fans of Paint will be disappointed to hear that Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has announced plans to remove the drawing software, 32 years after it was first introduced.
The simple drawing shows a simple sketch and asks users to calculate how many triangles are featured.
Ekso Bionics, based in California, is bringing a range of inventions to the UK for the first time next year. The first device will be the Ekso ZeroG, which is a suit that helps builders hold 16kg dr
Owen West, a top adviser on special operations and low-intensity conflicts told US lawmakers in the Pentagon these commercial devices could be in use in five years.
A new analysis suggests there's a greater chance of the heavy rain that led to extensive flooding in 2014.
The discovery by Nottingham Trent University comes after owners of hundreds of dogs that were tracked as they grew up reported 'adolescent' behaviour at eight months.
Michael Phelps lost to a simulated Great White shark in a highly anticipated television program that aired Sunday to kick off Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week.
The UK could see savings of £40bn thanks to a revolution in electricity
Government launches £20m Cyber Schools Programme aimed at students aged between 14 and 18
China's Didi Chuxing and Japan's Softbank are backing the ride-hailing firm with extra funding.
Find out what owing tens of thousands of pounds means for your credit rating, and when to pay back.
Snooty enjoyed a lavish bash for his 69th birthday on Saturday, was found dead today in an accident at the South Florida Museum in Brandenton. Many took to Twitter to pay their respects.
Almost a third of 11-year-olds in England leave primary school unable to swim, a survey suggests.
Ants make up around a quarter of the Earth’s animal numbers, with about ten quadrillion of them — that’s 10,000,000,000,000,000 (more than a million ants to every human).
New rules will encourage UK consumers to generate and store their own power, the government says.
We analysed how the body responds to stress - by making presenter Jordan Dunbar do a comedy performance.
How Italian seaside city Viareggio became a hub for the superyacht manufacturing industry.
Scientists at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire are attempting a world-first IVF treatment to try to save the northern white rhino, which has been reduced to just three after decades of poaching.
The revolutionary technology allows wind power to be harvested in waters too deep for current turbines.

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