Cancer survivor, 54, becomes the first person in the world to get a 3D printed face created using a SMARTPHONE

Dr Rodrigo Salazar from Paulista University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, performed the procedure on Carlito Conceiçao, after a tumour ravaged a hole in his cheek.
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The clean air strategy should include a scrappage scheme and clean air zones, campaigners say.
Researchers from Google and California-based firm Tri Alpha Energy used a computer algorithm to increase total plasma energy in an experimental setup, a key step toward nuclear fusion.
A judge more than doubles an existing fine after Apple fails to abide by the verdict.
Apple faces a further three-month delay to see if it will be given the go-ahead to proceed with its much-delayed bid to build an €850m datacentre in Athenry, County Galway
Data from 400,000 accounts belonging to Italy's biggest bank are thought to have been exposed.
Google is providing SOS Alerts in 12 countries, including US, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Columbia, India and New Zealand.
Ferg Horne, a farmer from Mosgiel, New Zealand, captured an image of the sight after going to rescue a neighbour's sheep from the floodwaters.
English POWs being marched into captivity, French colonial soldiers posed with grinning German troops and military debris littered along the beaches are just some of the images.
Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec, who messaged each other just 10 times in three years, finally meet in person.
Etherlive, a provider of networking and IT services to organisers of major outdoor events, is using Luminet’s Fibre-Air fixed-wireless access product to better address its clients’ needs
Passengers will face a $15 (£11.50) fee if they want lost property returned.
Elon Musk has shared a video of his Boring Company's car elevator in action for the first time, marking a major step in his plans to build a transport network beneath Los Angeles.
US crypto-currency investments or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are facing stricter regulation.
A patent applied for by Seattle-based online shopping firm Amazon has revealed its plans for a fleet of delivery drones that could be equipped with data grabbing sensors.
Players reported for constant "bad behaviour", such as verbal abuse or time-wasting, will be banned.
A shortlist for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has been revealed and the winning photos will be displayed in the Royal Observatory's Astronomy Centre in Greenwich.
Seven young men were the first to take part in rehab workshops held in Bristol, aimed at reforming would-be cyber criminals and teaching them legitimate ways to use their skills (stock image)
The Royal British Legion, based in London, has released six films that use audio accounts, diary excerpts, archive film and photos to give viewers a unique glimpse into the horrors of war.
The strategy will be launched by ministers Michael Gove and Chris Grayling and crackdown could see the introduction of levies on busy roads for owners of the most polluting vehicles.
There are 24,000 teachers without formal teaching qualifications in England's state schools, a report says.
An enormous spider (pictured) has given a couple an almighty fright as it appeared on their glass door as they were trying to cook food.
According to a new study, there are certain phrases that leave colleagues seething, including 'touch base', 'we're on a journey' and 'punch a puppy'.
These six women have the perfect waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 which is known as the hourglass figure, where the body gently curves in at the waist and out again over voluptuous hips.
Heart-warming footage shows the moment a baby seal swam happily away after a vigilante handyman risked a prison sentence and $250,000 fine to save him in New Zealand.
There are 24,000 teachers without formal teaching qualifications in England's state schools, a report says.
Children from Sacred Heart school say the game helps them feel less angry and more prepared for lessons.
David Gillespie, Australian author of Taming Toxic People: The Science of Identifying and Dealing With Psychopaths At Work and At Home shares tips on how to deal with the psychopathic boss.
The breakthrough means that systems will be able to think about their actions, and undertake 'deliberate reasoning.'
Ministers will unveil a £255m fund to help councils introduce steps to deal with vehicle pollution.
Ministers will unveil a £255m fund to help councils introduce steps to deal with vehicle pollution.
Researchers living near the active Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Loa are simulating what it's like to "live" on Mars.
The difference between looking through the new design and a typical camera is the equivalent of looking through a window versus a peephole.
The 'Data Never Sleeps' project shows how much data is generated on the internet every minute. For example, Netflix has seen a 20 per cent decrease in video streaming compared to last year.
Lost memories could be brought back in patients with Alzheimer's, as new research from Columbia University in New York finds that the disease might not destroy them altogether.

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