British Airways to offer wi-fi on short-haul flights

British Airways will offer wi-fi internet access on short-haul flights from 2017, owner IAG says.
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After nearly a decade of construction, Britain’s biggest ever warship set sail for the first time today in an historic moment for the Royal Navy.
Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln fired an ultra high-intensity laser known as 'Diocles' at electrons suspended in helium.
Researchers at the University of Zurich and the Naturkunde Museum in Berlin have shown that a mass extinction event took place in the oceans around two million years ago.
Experts told Bloomberg that Seattle-based Amazon sees the most immediate opportunities to reduce costs in the Whole Foods distribution centres.
Automobile Association apologises for sending out password reset confirmation emails to a small selection of customers in error, which led some to assume the company may have been hacked
The fence, developed by Seattle-based Intellectual Ventures Lab, generates a 30-Watt wall of near-infrared light that can target specific species of insect and cook them in less than 25 milliseconds
The RAF were 'overruled at the highest level' and told to ignore the strange bright lights - which flashed over Skegness in 1996 - despite the fact several witnesses also spotted it (stock image).
The RAF were 'overruled at the highest level' and told to ignore the strange bright lights - which flashed over Skegness in 1996 - despite the fact several witnesses also spotted it (stock image).
The symbolic dispute over a threatened Budapest university has moved to talks in New York.
Russia launched a modified version of its Soyuz rocket, with a mysterious satellite on board from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on the edge of the Russian Arctic on Friday evening.
The EU will impose a massive penalty against Google that would break the previous record of 1.06 billion euros set in 2009 against Intel, the US chipmaker, sources claim.
Norfolk County Council said 290 pupils were excluded in 2015-16.
A suicide bomber who killed 15 people in St Petersburg used the messaging app, officials say.
Privacy groups cautiously welcome Google's pledge to end scans of Gmail messages to personalise ads.
In a nod to the 20th anniversary of JK Rowling's book about the world-famous wizard, the social media site is jazzing up posts about the landmark book for users around the world.
The sword, which is believed to date back to the late 13th or mid-14th century, was discovered by a builder in the Polish town of Hrubieszów.
The note, signed and printed by Churchill, considers the possibility of a tunnel between Britain and France, but included emergency measures to be taken if the French became an enemy.
The outcome of a judicial review into Apple's plans to build a datacentre in County Galway was delayed on Friday 23 June because of a shortage of judges, it has emerged
Complaints, negative reviews, and petitions make GTA's publisher end legal action over a popular game add-on
Harold Godwinson, who is famously depicted in the Bayeaux Tapestry taking an arrow in the eye from William the Conqueror's army, is long believed to have been buried at Waltham Abbey, Essex.
Scientists in South Africa say all four great whites have had their livers removed with 'surgical precision' prompting claims that pods of orcas in the area, south of Cape Town, are to blame.
The snail shell plaque was found by an international research team, led by Liverpool John Moores University, in the Shanidar Cave in northern Iraq.
Bermuda is using robot technology to control the population of venomous lionfish.
It's 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone came out.
Spanish bank to roll out video technology for mortgage services at 63 branches in the UK following a successful trial
The US rocket company makes two launches twice in just over 24 hours.
A foreign state is thought to be responsible for the 'brute force' assault on the secure computer system with senior Whitehall sources warning it is 'inevitable' that information has been stolen.
A US company is proposing special lanes on roads purely for self-driving vehicles.
Before it can start policing the seas the £3.1billion aircraft carrier must squeeze under a set of bridges as it makes its way out of dock at Rosyth and into the North Sea in a ten-hour operation.
A study has identified seven genes that put people at increased risk of developing sleeplessness - a whole new approach that gives new hope to those who have sleep problems.
The 42-year-old is reportedly among candidates in the running to replace Travis Kalanick, 40, who quit last week amid a sexism row.
The video, released Tuesday on an unofficial YouTube channel claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous, repeats the text of three articles from the conspiracy website
Gardeners may think they are helping out by putting a bird box in the garden - but their intended inhabitants, the native tit, are being forced out by bees, BBC expert Chris Packham reports.
Fewer than 1% of 9,000 parliamentary accounts were affected, says the House of Commons.

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