Athletic performance linked to mortality

A study's participants who were asked to think about their own death before taking to the basketball court scored more points than those in a control group.
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We love our Facebook friends, Google searches and Amazon sprees, but a growing group - from consumers to politicians on the left and right - worry.             
Lowe's will launch an app early next month that makes it easier to envision what a piece of furniture will look like in your home or office using augmented reality. Users will the able to use smartpho
A new DNA-targeting molecule could inspire the first tissue regeneration therapies. The molecule can cause stem cells to transform into heart muscle cells.
DETROIT (Reuters) - Commercial truck partners Navistar International Corp and Volkswagen AG's Truck and Bus said on Monday they will launch an electric medium-duty truck in North America by late 2019
Companies cynically dismissing blockchain buzz, risk getting caught unawares by substantive industry disruption. The widespread emergence of blockchain will take some time, but leaders are taking acti
DUBAI (Reuters) - Dubai staged a test flight on Monday for what it said would soon be the world's first drone taxi service under an ambitious plan by the United Arab Emirates city to lead the Arab wor
We love our Facebook friends, Google searches and Amazon sprees, but a growing group - from consumers to politicians on the left and right - worry.             
Deloitte says reported cyberattack of firm's email system affected 'very few clients'
French doctors say they restored some signs of consciousness in a brain-injured man who hadn't shown any awareness in 15 years
The new CEO of Uber has apologized for past mistakes just days after London told the company it was revoking its operating license
Denial-of-service attacks can have devastating consequences. CloudFlare wants to put a stop to them once and for all.
Microsoft Word comes with many sample document templates, but you can also create your own custom letterhead.
LONDON (Reuters) - Global accountancy firm Deloitte [DLTE.UL] said on Monday it had been hit in a cyber attack that had compromised the data of a small number of its clients, but gave few details abou
Part of that dilemma is because the batteries on our phones are relatively small and can hold only so much capacity             
Microsoft, using its research into artificial intelligence, has created a virtual assistant that can be used by companies can use to respond to customer service requests
Combining radiation therapy with chemotherapy for patients with limited metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) may curb disease progression dramatically when compared to NSCLC patients who only
Internationally subsidised agricultural insurance is intended to protect farmers in developing countries from the effects of climate change. However, it can also lead to undesirable ecological and soc
A new study with college students has found that the social dynamics of a group, such as whether one person dominates the conversation or whether students work with a friend, affect academic performan
In a letter of apology to Londoners on Monday, Uber’s new chief executive moved to repair his company’s reputation after the city’s transport authority said it would scrap the ride-hailing s
The CDC is using social media and Google searches to supplement flu surveillance. Veuer's Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.             
(Reuters) - German automaker Daimler AG's trucks division said it would test on U.S. roads a new technology called "platooning", which allows large digitally-connected trucks to save fuel by driving c
New research reveals the most likely months and routes for the spread of new strains of airborne 'wheat stem rust' that could endanger global food security by ravaging wheat production across Africa,
A new type of 'bijel' could one day lead to applications in soft robotics, liquid circuitry, and a host of other applications that could benefit from shape-shifting fluids.
Scientists have successfully demonstrated that a type of 'magic dust' which combines light and matter can be used to solve complex problems and could eventually surpass the capabilities of even the mo
Using remote sensing data, Chinese and US scientists have re-assessed the conservation status of the giant panda. Their analysis shows that while panda numbers are increasing, their habitat still cove
The most in-depth species survey to date finds an 'astonishing array' of plant diversity in the global botanic garden network, including 41 percent of all endangered species. However, researchers find
A new study finds that mice bred to consume high amounts of alcohol, but controlled by diet, did not necessarily develop the most severe liver injuries, suggesting that diet may pay an important role
For the first time, researchers have been able to see changes in the neural structures in specific areas of the brains of people who suffered severe abuse as children. The researchers believe that the
On the same day Apple launches High Sierra, researcher finds a password-pilfering hack on the new Mac operating system.
Reports of hacks and ransomware attacks seem to make headlines on a daily basis. As organizations undergo digital transformations, attack surfaces increase and attack vectors become increasingly compl
Logging, human encroachment and activities have fragmented the natural range of pandas in China, which could make recent population gains short-lived.
Scientists monitoring Silicon Valley's underground water reserves from space have found that water levels rebounded quickly after a severe drought that lasted from 2012-15. The research points to the
Minority public managers place more emphasis on both traditional values, like efficiency and effectiveness, and social equity when compared with their white counterparts, according to a new study.
A new Fordham report finds that 28% of teachers in traditional district schools miss more than 10 school days a year for sick or personal leave while teachers in charter schools have lower rates absen

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We love our Facebook friends, Google searches and Amazon sprees, but a growing group - from consumers to politicians on the left and right - worry.             
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