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What are the options for tackling antibiotic resistance?
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The new Apple's iOS has Persian keyboard. BBC Persian's Sam Farzaneh discusses why it is an important feature.
A stunning new image captured by the Juno spacecraft has revealed a look at the swirling clouds over Jupiter, offering further evidence on its turbulent nature.
MIT engineers have created an algorithm that can pinpoint the underlying patterns leading up to real world 'extreme events,' in hopes develop ways to prevent them.
Psychologists from Iowa State University based their findings on 436 volunteers whose sleep was monitored after completing an anger questionnaire.
At a business forum in Moscow on Friday, InfoWatch Group presented 'TaigaPhone'- a brand new corporate smartphone costing around 15,000 rubles ($260).
With no notification when someone unfollows you, Instagrammers must scroll through their followers list to see if a person is still on there. But, Instagram now appears to be introducing a much easi
The CDC found that pee in a poorly-ventilated indoor pool in Ohio was the most likely culprit for employees' burning eyes and noses and trouble breathing.
Launched a year ago, NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft was on track to pass within about 11,000 miles (17,700 kilometers) of the home planet Friday afternoon - above Antarctica.
Rory visits a beekeeper in Manchester who is gluing wireless chips to his bees.
A new study analyzing the Southern bladderwort has discovered that the plants can suck insects into their traps at speeds of up four meters per second – and achieve 2,800 times the acceleration of
Modest queues have been photographed outside of Apple's flagship stores today in London, New York, Sydney and Singapore - a far cry from the snaking crowds of previous years.
The space agency is using a model of its Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) Preliminary Design in windtunnel tests at NASA's Langley Research Center.
Pigs fed purple potatoes had six times reduced levels of a damaging protein that fuels tumours and other inflammatory bowel diseases, a study by Pennsylvania State University found.
Customers packed the streets outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in NYC this morning, braving massive queues to get their hands on the newest products. But, not quite as many as in the past.
The near-6,000 sq km block of ice known as A-68 looks finally to be on the move.
A new fingerprint drug test can detect cocaine just as well as saliva tests, and in seconds, according to a new study. Research suggests that fingerprint analysis could be used to detect other drugs
Ian Levy, technical director of GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre, made the comments at a conference hosted by antivirus firm Symantec held in London yesterday.
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego.created a quiz that measures how wise people are based on their answers to questions that test six different qualities.
Transport for London has rejected Uber's application for its licence renewal, citing a lack of corporate responsibility as the reason
The findings by CDC researchers are a rallying cry to health officials to continue efforts against disease-carrying mosquitoes despite waning public interest about Zika.
The furniture store’s group head of IT speaks to Computer Weekly about how customer experience can be used internally
Uber had its license to work in London dramatically stripped today, leaving many residents wondering what other ways there are to get around the capital.
Uber had its license to work in London dramatically stripped today, leaving many residents wondering what other ways there are to get around the capital.
A fitness app promising cash rewards for eating well pays up over accusations that it broke promises.
The device, created by Framingham-based audio company Bose, works in a similar way to Bluetooth headphones - except it does not block out ambient sounds.
A ground-breaking new rocket equipped with an ‘aerospike’ engine that could revolutionise space travel is ready for ground tests, according to the Las Cruces-based company Arca.
A new study led by University of Chicago geochemists rearranges how we understand the early Earth by tracing the path of the metallic element titanium.
Ride-hailing app Uber is "not fit and proper" to operate in London, the transport regulator says.
Traditional banks know they need to modernise IT to retain market share, but replacing legacy systems is like defusing a bomb
An international team of computer scientists, including KAIST University in South Korea, created smart specs that can interpret the way you touch your nose to let you control your electronic gadgets
A new study led by University of Chicago geochemists rearranges how we understand the early Earth by tracing the path of the metallic element titanium.
The remains of seven Valentine Duplex Drive (DD) tanks still lie on the seabed 73 years after the ill-fated Operation Smash in which six servicemen drowned.
It has been over 200 years since Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted violently. Here we reveal the devastating, but fascinating, history of the blast and detail how the area can be visited today.
Schools are asking parents to dip into to their pockets to boost their funds, a survey says.

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