14 products under $100 that have lifetime warranties

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Reject throwaway culture: Buy it once, but buy it right.             
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New research suggests branch hopping might have offered dinosaurs an opportunity to begin experimenting with the advantages of flight.
New research suggests the brain's endogenous opioid system controls how people learn fear from other's pain.
Ke Jie is the world's best Go player, but even he couldn't beat Google's AlphaGo.             
Ke Jie is the world's best Go player, but even he couldn't beat Google's AlphaGo.             
The ride-hailing company launches Lyft Lux and Lyft SUV in five markets with 20 more to follow.             
Five years ago when Uber was known for its luxury black cars, Lyft launched its peer-to-peer ride-hailing service, turning regular vehicles into taxis. Now, Uber is synonymous with peer-to-peer ri
If you ever fly from L.A. to San Francisco, California, you may notice the Gabilan Mesa off to the east as you begin your descent into San Francisco International Airport. If you look carefully, you m
A new species of a fossil pliosaur (large predatory marine reptile from the 'age of dinosaur') has been found in Russia and profoundly change how we understand the evolution of the group, says an inte
Will joining Kuvée's wine club save you money?             
The Trump administration released a draft drone bill as they struggle to keep up with drone technology.             
Human social groups have a strange tendency to share responsibility for taking care of infants; parents, older siblings, and other adult relatives all help to nurture babies. The only other primates t
In human history, the transition from hunting and gathering to farming is a significant one. As such, hunter-gatherers and farmers are usually thought about as two entirely different sets of people. B
As children age into adolescence and on into young adulthood, they show dramatic improvements in their ability to control impulses, stay organized, and make decisions. Those 'executive functions' of t
Using fruit flies, researchers have discovered a cascade of molecular signals that program gene activity to drive the fly from one stage of maturation to the next, like a baby turning into an adult. P
Qatar's isolation after an alleged hack and a bloody Bahrain raid follow Trump's Mideast trip
Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, could be worth $70 billion. That’s more than Ford, GM, and Tesla.             
The president’s proposed reductions to the department’s research may have a greater impact on climate change than the Paris accord decision.
Google keeps a record of your searches and other activity across its sites, but you can delete the information, even with your phone or tablet.
​A computer beat China's top player of go, one of the last games machines have yet to master, for a second time Thursday in a competition authoriti
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Mizuho Financial Group will start a venture next month to create new businesses using "fintech," an executive said, joining a global race in financial technology that threate
Scientists have found a new method for manipulating light using electric fields.
There's a glimmer of hope for America's ailing honeybees as winter losses were the lowest in more than a decade, according to a U.S. survey of beekee
Researchers have discovered that a molecule which can sense the swelling of fat cells also controls a signaling pathway that allows fat cells to take up and store excess glucose. Mice missing this pro
A new study finds that a 12-week program of instruction and practice of the Chinese martial art tai chi led to significantly reduced symptoms of depression in Chinese-Americans not receiving any other
A new study finds the sedimentation of asymmetric objects in liquid is very different from that of symmetrical objects like spheres. The research may have practical applications in improving water tre
Hackers are hiding viruses in video subtitle files for media players, allowing them to take over users' devices.
Canada plans to phase in tougher regulations on the emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, but it will take between three and six years for
Lots of rain and snow this year bode well for the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow and that's good news for the whole river and the riparian ecosystem.
Lidar, the sensing technology, is the centerpiece of an intense court fight in California between two key players on the road, Uber and Waymo.
New research has allowed scientists to detail the relationship between water molecules and DNA, a breakthrough for biochemistry.
Here's a checklist to see if your screen time is too much.             
Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, could be worth $70 billion. That’s more than Ford, GM, and Tesla.             
The quantum world is both elegant and mysterious. It is a sphere of existence where the laws of physics experienced in everyday life are broken -- particles can exist in two places at once, they can r
Researchers have discovered a technique for controlling light with electric fields.

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