Mark Chaney, governor of the Bank of England, predicts up to 15m people could lose their jobs due to AI. Society must adapt
The expanded cleaning regime is one of a series of measures announced by London mayor Sadiq Khan as part of a new air quality action plan.
Google's quantum AI lab is currently testing a 20-qubit processor and says it will have a working 49-qubit chip by the end of the year, which will be able to beat conventional machines for the firs
An update to Snapchat lets people search for schools and see pictures posted by children inside.
The influx of sea pickles appears to have started in Oregon, before sweeping north up the coast, the reports suggesting the creatures have reached as far north as Sitca, Alaska.
The patent shows nine-story hives which could house delivery drones in urban areas. It was issued to Seattle-based Amazon this morning by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
In the decades following the 1859 publication of Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species', a craze for eugenics spread through Britain, the United States and Europe.
However, the opposite was also true, experts from the University of Missouri said. Girls who deemed themselves to be attractive were more likely to hit the bottle young, they discovered.
Confidential data about medical conditions and tests will no longer appear in search results.
Some say the moves do not go far enough, as the company is expected to deny British spies the ability to read encrypted messages on WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.
London-based security researchers SureCloud gained access to the Super Hub 2 as part of an investigation into potential vulnerabilities in 15 internet connected devices.
A group of paranormal researchers claim they have found proof of aliens near Nazca in Peru as they have reportedly unearthed a 1.68 metres (5 foot 6 inches) tall humanoid mummy.
The 'biofuel skin patch' uses the sweat to provide its power - meaning it could be used to charge up devices like phones in the near future.
Victorian police will cancel a total of 590 traffic fines after discovering that the cameras issuing the tickets had been infected with a malicious software, the acting police commissioner said.
Zola has been cooling off in his favourite blue swimming pool at Dallas Zoo.
Tesla is reported to have spoken to major record labels about a new streaming service which could become a standard feature of its vehicles globally, including the new Model 3 due in July.
A good Brexit deal for the UK will rely on getting a good deal for the UK tech sector
An unidentified woman enjoying a day out on a resort balcony accidentally drops her phone in the pool below.
The #3017 hashtag now accompanies a plethora of tweets, memes and photos being shared across social media in the UK and the US by people convinced their hacks belong in the future.
Australian police cancelled hundreds of speeding fines after noting their systems were infected.
The 'biofuel skin patch' uses the sweat to provide its power - meaning it could be used to charge up devices like phones in the near future.
Abhishek Singh was testing out the Microsoft Hololens headset when he came up with the idea.
In response to UK government criticism, Facebook, launches a programme to tackle hate speech online.
Wild chimpanzees have changed their hunting strategies in response to being watched and followed by scientists, observations suggest.
Enrique Peña Nieto says his government did not use spyware against journalists, lawyers and activists.
Two chimp 'tribes' have developed different hunting habits in response to human presence.
The company tells 800,000 customers with Super Hub 2 routers to change their passwords immediately.
Kazakhstan's Expo 2017 provides a taste of what could be the future of greener and renewable energy.
The life-sized game for Microsoft's HoloLens, created by developer Abhishek Singh, features all of the familiar sights from the ‘iconic’ first level, including green pipes sticking out of the gr
To small island nations where the land juts just above the rising seas, the U.S. pulling out of the Paris global warming pact makes the future seem as fragile and built on hope as a sand castle.
Jerry Paros posed for a shoot with Nature magazine for a piece about his invention - a precise quartz sensor - to help track tsunamis. But a pic from Nature shows his dog being the star.
BBC Click's Kathleen Hawkins looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories
Teams around the world are competing to develop tablet software to replace a teacher in developing countries.
About two billion people have no insurance, but "pay-by-mobile" policies are growing in popularity.
A survey of 15 devices by the consumer group Which? found that eight were vulnerable to hacking including the CloudPets toy cat and Amazon's Echo (pictured).
A researcher at Mullard Space Science Laboratory has praised Elon Musk's plans for a mission to Mars, but has also revealed three things the SpaceX CEO has missed or dismissed in his work.
The move comes as Facebook faces pressure from smaller rivals such as Nextdoor and Meetup, whose online networks bring together neighbors and people in the same area with shared interests.
On YouTube , inventor Marek Baczynski explains how an energy harvester and a capacitor can be used to store the ‘minuscule’ energy generated by the potato, powering it to drive.
An analyst has claimed that the Touch ID for Apple's ‘iPhone 8’ is ‘still being worked out’, but the firm will pick one of three options by the end of June - but they do not include it being
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Tokyo has shown how a male pheromone in mice enhances sexual behaviors in females, but enhance aggression in males.
Researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois claim hot temperatures make people unhelpful because they are more tired and dehydrated.
Emergency services who were searching for a girl in a pink top seen walking near Seaford Head cliffs moments before a second cliff collapsed at a popular has been found safe and well.
Researchers from Princeton University in New Jersey discovered that the best fliers tend to lay eggs that are more 'pointy' or elliptical, rather than rounded.
Researchers from the University of Zurich analysed data on the number and size of whales harvested from 1900 onwards.
Bats carry the largest number of viruses likely to jump to humans, with primates in second place, followed by rodents in third place, researchers based in at the EcoHealth Alliance in New York City
Three years after its high-profile launch, Nick D'Aloisio's News Digest app is being shut down.
Many of the 4,000 residents and farmers of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa, were convinced that bestiality and witchcraft had led to the birth of the creature.
Will the promise of tuition fee relief for teachers be the next education policy to be scrapped?
A series of studies published in Science Robotics argue that robots could be a critical next step for space exploration. They could be used as 'surrogates' for astronauts, or even work alone.
The images were taken on the London Underground using the Cat S60 phone, which is the only smartphone with an embedded thermal camera.
Facebook has released new tools in India that stops others from downloading, sharing or tagging themselves in people's profile pictures. Users can add a shield or overlay to their image.
Engineers at California Institute of Technology have now developed a camera design that replaces lenses with an ultra-thin optical phased array (OPA) chip.
Mayfield Robotics based in Redwood City, California, has created a robot that can recognise pets and notify family members on what they're doing through a smartphone app.
The shrinking size of whales over the 20th Century could help scientists detect when wildlife populations are in trouble, a study suggests.
Will the promise of tuition fee relief for teachers be the next education policy to be scrapped?
Apps like Princess Plastic Surgery, available globally from Google Play, have been called 'shocking' by experts from Nuffield Council who fear they cause psychological damage.
A study led by researchers at Bocconi University in Milan found that high-quality candidates who strive to be truthful during job interviews boost their chances of getting the role (stock).
The bullet was fired from a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle set up on a high-rise building, thought to be near Mosul in northern Iraq. It took 10 seconds to travel the 2.14 miles towards the terrorist.
The new mega-vessel called 21,413 TEU OOCL Hong Kong, which can carry 21,000 20ft containers, arrived at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk after a 17-year absence from UK waters,.
Curiosity is normally piloted remotely by experts at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, but signals can take as long as 24 minutes to get from Earth to Mars.
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