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Donbas separatists deliberately set fields and forests on fire

Pro-Russian rebels deliberately set on fire dry grass and forests in the touch zone to push Ukrainian army from its positions, the army spokesman said Aug. 18.
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Enemy attacks intensify along entire Donbas touchline

Aug. 19, pro-Russian separatists launched 30 artillery attacks on Ukraine army positions along the touchline, the army says Aug. 20.
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[VIDEO] Nigerians living in Ghana under attack as Nigerian man allegedly stabs citizen to death

The Police in Sowutoum area of Ghana have arrested a Nigerian for allegedly stabbing a man to death, claiming him to be a thief. The incident has reportedly led to xenophobic attacks against Nigerians
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“Natural police” to protect nature and animals

Those who commit crimes against the environment should watch out.
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‘Who are you? Know your limits!’ Erdogan attacks German FM in elections interference row

Recep Erdogan has told Germany's FM to “know his limits” after Sigmar Gabriel accused the Turkish president of interfering in the his country's upcoming elections. Erdogan once agai
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Japan successfully tests technology to generate electricity from ocean power

The idea behind the ocean-driven machinery is to submerge propellers in the sea currents, which rotate them to generate power
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