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A practical approach to fixing Internet of Things vulnerabilities

The Mirai botnet drew the world's attention to the high number of vulnerabilities that exist within IoT devices.
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User interface design principles for top app development companies

User interface and user experience play very significant roles in the success of app development, especially in the aspect of mobile design.
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7 hidden AWS costs that could be killing your budget

Is your organisation paying what it should for hosting with AWS?
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Life on Mars: An Interplanetary Marriage

Six people are living in isolation for eight months on a volcano in Hawaii as part of a NASA-funded study to simulate human exploration of Mars. In the sixth episode of this 360-video series, we obser
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How a potato chip entrepreneur in Lebanon became a big supporter of L.A. tech start-ups

Michael Daher and his son, Mark Daher, have invested in dozens of well-known start-ups and funds in the L.A. region.
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Australia researchers say find new way to build quantum computers

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Researchers in Australia have found a new way to build quantum computers which they say would make them dramatically easier and cheaper to produce at scale. 
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State of the Art: Silicon Valley’s Politics Revealed: Mostly Far Left (With a Twist)

A new Stanford study found that the nation’s tech elite are extremely liberal on most issues — except when it comes to regulation.
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Open banking: A wake-up call for the banking industry

Large banks must prepare accordingly to comply with the EU's new PSD2 initiative.
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